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Small Business Accounting

Our accounting professionals enjoy working with small business representatives and owners like you. We pride ourselves on being approachable and easy to work with, and we take great pride in our dedication to customer satisfaction.

With an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and breadth of expertise, as per satisfied clients, we have provided reliable, resourceful and relevant counsel on all accounting matters.

Business Advisory Services

The average small business does not have the same resources as large companies and corporations, to hire an accounting team to ensure that the business is maximizing every dollar it spends and invests.

S&W CPAs Business Advisory Accounting Services aim to provide small businesses with sound accounting and business management consulting, while taking into account budgetary constraints.

Tax Planning Services

Tax season can be particularly stressful, especially for businesses and independent professionals, that have to follow different guidelines than conventional employees.

S&W CPAs will help you prepare your taxes in a timely and detailed fashion, ensuring that you or your business is maximizing all available deductions and other tax relief strategies.

Personal Accounting

Whether you’re saving for retirement, a vacation, or big purchase – or you just want to maximize the return of every dollar that you earn – our accounting services can offer great value.

We will walk you through the various areas where your budget isn’t being utilized to it’s highest potential, and guide you through various saving and investment strategies to help maximize your wealth.

Professional Accounting

Whether you run a small law, medical, dental, or other professional practice with a handful of employees, or manage a larger practice with multiple locations, you can benefit from the professional accounting services offered by S&W CPAs.

We can help with all of your professional accounting needs, including managing client accounts, managing operational and overhead costs, and how you could find efficiencies in your budget.

Rental Property Accounting

If you’re a property owner and have rental properties, you can take advantage of various tax strategies to help maximize your ROI.

We have helped a number of rental property owners, from full-scale landlords to individuals renting out a single property as a supplementary source of income.

Business Auditing

We know running a small business is fast-paced and leaves owners with very little time to reflect or to diligently process costs and expenses.

S&W CPAs can help your small business by performing a full professional audit, to identify areas where you your business can maximize efficiencies and minimize losses and unnecessary expenses.

US Tax Planning

If you’re a U.S. citizen or resident that’s working in Canada, then there are other tax guidelines and policies that you must follow.

We have extensive experience serving U.S. clients, filling out returns to comply with both Canadian and U.S. tax codes.

Estate Tax Planning

Planning an estate and the tax implications around it can be one of the most important things you can do. If not done properly, you may be risking loosing a lot on taxes.

S&W CPAs has extensive experiences dealing with estate planning and estate tax planning, to maximize the amount of money that you or your family will be entitled to hold on to.

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